A year we will never forget

Today marks twelve months since our National Lockdown was announced and clubs closed their doors to help stop the spread. 

Our nation went into lockdown, international, national and state competitions were cancelled, school went remote and we could no longer give our team mates a friendly high five.

However, in the chaos we all learnt new things about ourselves. We found new places to do handstands, new hobbies to try and came back into the gym with new goals and new perspectives.

Above all, we discovered how strong the NSW Gymnastics community is.

When the Prime Minister made the announcement of a nation-wide lockdown on March 22 2020, within a week gymnastics clubs across NSW were running Zoom classes, sending remote programs and building new online communities for their gymnasts.

Upon our gradual reopen, we got to work ensuring that gymnastics was a safe place for all gymnasts. By nature, gymnastics seeks perfection, and our response to COVID Safety was no different. Gymnastics NSW were awarded as finalist in the National Play By the Rules Awards for our organisation’s repose to COVID-19. Gymnastics clubs would be audited by NSW Health, only to be told that their club was at the highest standard of COVID Safety.

And slowly we have reopened our buildings, rebuilt our muscles, relearnt our skills and are stronger than ever for a new year. And we did it together as a community.

The team at Gymnastics NSW extend our deepest gratitude towards every club owner, coach, athlete and family that have continued to make our sport stand above the rest. We are so thankful to be part of a community that supports each other, encourages and always looks to find the best outcome.