Aerobic Gymnast Helps Thousands Get Vaccinated

When Deborah Greenbaum was offered an opportunity help get NSW vaccinated, the aerobic gymnast and pharmacy honours student jumped at the chance. The 24-year-old final year student started working – drawing up the vaccines – at the Olympic Park vaccination hub in August.

It’s a big commitment, while trying to juggle studies, writing a thesis, work at a pharmacy and also continue gymnastics training! “I am happy to help a very good cause, this is the best way we can fight the virus,” she said. “And the faster we get vaccinated the faster we have a chance to have gyms open again. I am really looking forward to all of this being over.”

Like most gymnasts, the aerobic athlete has taken to training via Zoom sessions – doing four or five online classes a week with PLC Sydney while making time to stay fit by going for walks or runs.
It’s been a difficult couple of years for the gymnast, who has greatly missed competing on the international stage.

Now, she feels like she is part of the global effort to fight back against the pandemic. “If I can play any part in that I am more than happy to do that.”