GNSW Life Member Kerrie Leotta
Finalist in NSW Law Awards

Not only do we have exceptional gymnasts, judges, coaches, volunteers and more within our community, these people go on to achieve wonderful things outside gymnastics.
With this in mind, huge congratulations are in order for one of our Gymnastics NSW life members!
Kerrie Leotta, who is a GNSW life member and women’s artistic judge’s assembly life member, has been nominated as a finalist for NSW Barrister of the Year.

The nomination for the Women Lawyers Association of NSW award is a result of Mrs Leotta’s tireless dedication within the legal field.
Mrs Leotta is regarded as the “archivist and historian” of women lawyers in NSW. It is just one of her many achievements (check out the WLANSW website for more).

When the former women’s artistic judge found out she was a finalist, she was shocked.
“I thought at first it was a big joke. I am also thankful that somewhere my work is now recorded,” she said.

Starting Out in Gymnastics

Like many passionate volunteers, Mrs Leotta joined the gymnastics community when her daughters became athletes – her eldest Tracey in women’s artistic and younger daughter Shannon in trampoline.

It didn’t take long before she found herself signing up to be a judge.
“I found it very nerve wracking to go along to a competition and watch Tracey compete,” she said. “By being a judge I could support her, but I didn't have the nerves of watching.”

The friendships she made during her time as judge will last a lifetime, she said. “I thought the women’s artistic gymnastics judge’s assembly was the best group of women I have ever worked with.”

Why do you love gymnastics?

“It's such a beautiful sport, it combines grace and style, strength and challenge. I think it's just a magnificent event to watch. It's full of everything.”

Once again, congratulations to Mrs Leotta and good luck!