NSW gymnasts dominate at World Championships

What a triumph!

NSW gymnasts have tumbled and soared to the podium to claim gold, silver and bronze medals at the 36th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships.

Lifelong dreams have been realised at Sofia, Bulgaria, where athletes faced off in a showdown across multiple disciplines from November 16 – 19.

More than 20 Australian gymnasts competed, including 10 NSW athletes, across tumbling, double-mini trampoline, individual trampoline and synchronised trampoline disciplines.

Ethan McGuinness (Kachan School of Tumbling) showed the world, once again, his gravity-defying moves to claim GOLD in men’s tumbling! His score of 28.9 secured him the championship title. Overcome with the emotion, the 21-year-old leapt up, punched his fist to the air and crumpled to the floor.

“I am currently lost for words! I have just achieved my lifetime goal of becoming a world champion,” he posted on Instagram after the win. “It still hasn’t quite hit me what has happened tonight, it’s just the most insane feeling.”

It’s the second gold medal for the athlete, following his World Cup performance in Italy earlier this year where he set a world record for the most difficult tumbling routine ever!
A big congratulations also goes to Jack Hemmings (KSTP), whose qualification scores made him a reserve finalist. His contribution also helped the Australian tumbling team place 4th overall!

In the women’s tumbling, NSW gymnasts also dominated with a SILVER medal for Koralee Catlett (KSTP). Her winning pass scored 24.2 in an incredible result for the athlete, who also made her debut at the World Championships. Teammate Breanah Cauchi (KSTP) also impressed with a score of 20.2 for a 4th place! The two athletes, combined with powerful displays by Georgia Beddall and Kiara Hutchinson, also placed 4th in the team final.

Reflecting on her performance, Koralee said it was a “dream come true” to compete against the best and come away with a silver medal.

“This year has had its challenges but I kept striving and persevering [sic] and this achievement proves to me that with belief and determination anything can happen,” she wrote on social media.

Meanwhile, over on the Double Mini Trampoline, NSW’s Cheyanna Robinson (KSTP) joined the women’s team to break a 34-year drought and win the team GOLD! Cheyanna also put on an incredible performance to take home the BRONZE with a score of 24.0 for the individual DMT event! 

“So proud of this team!” the 17-year-old wrote on social media. “We had the best time out there on the competition floor! Wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!”

In the men’s DMT competition, congratulations goes to all the athletes, including those who made the finals.

It’s not just the medals that are worthy of celebration – but the performances full of passion in team, individual and synchronised trampoline, which were the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice.

Flying high for the women’s trampoline team, Jess Pickering (Eastlakes Trampoline Sports), Imogen Florian (Sydney Gymnastic and Aquatic Centre) and Leanne Van Rensburg (SGAC) were joined by South Australia’s Abbie Watts. With a score of 312.790, the team qualified through to the finals where they placed 5th overall – a huge achievement in a tight competition.

“So ridiculously proud of this team,” wrote Leanne on Instagram. “The first female trampoline team from Australia to ever make a team final at World Championships. You all inspire me every day and I feel incredibly grateful to stand with you in the green and gold.”

A stellar performance by Jess saw the Olympian score 53.920 to qualify for the individual trampoline finals, where she placed in the top 15. The 26-year-old also jumped with Imogen in the synchronised event, where the pair scored 46.470 to become reserves for the finals.

Australia’s second pairing – Abbie and Kira Ward (SGAC) – scored 45.980 to place 14th overall. A fantastic achievement.

Congratulations to the men’s synchronised teams, which included NSW’s Shaun Swadling (Eastlakes), who also made the finals in the individual event and helped the Australian team place 9th for the team event.

With a huge jump, the 29-year-old school teacher finished the competition 6th place in the individual event!

“This week has been crazy, have not had a chance to process everything yet,” Shaun wrote on social media. “All I know is this sport is so much fun and I love being a part of it.”

A MASSIVE congratulations to each and every Aussie gymnast. We are full of jubilation and pride! 

The team has truly catapulted Australia onto the global stage, stamping our dominance onto the tumbling and trampoline disciplines through their incredible performances.