Sporting Schools - Club Information

Why should I be involved in Sporting Schools?

 - Expose gymnastics to more kids in more schools
 - Link with local schools and community
 - Deliver programs before, during or after school
 - Access grants funding to support delivery, e.g. funding to transport school groups to club
 - Increase membership base
 - Further employment for coaches
 - Market club gymnastics sessions|
 - Market other club activities, e.g. Birthday Parties, School Holiday programs etc.
 - Club promotion

How do I get involved?

Clubs, providers and coaches that are endorsed by Gymnastics Australia will only be allowed to deliver under Sporting Schools. To get endorsed, you must meet the minimum standards set by the ASC and GA and then register on the Sporting Schools website.

Minimum Requirements


 - Affiliated with Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia
 - Will need to be LaunchPad accredited (or working towards LaunchPad accreditation).

- Hold a current Intermediate coaching accreditation (any gymsport*);
  Beginner coaches can be utilised under the supervision of the Intermediate Coach
 - Will need to hold a current Technical Membership with Gymnastics Australia
 - Will have to hold a current Working with Children Check.
 - Will have up to date Insurance

Clubs and providers will need Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance (minimum $10 million each) cover for all coaches represented.
To find out more about the minimum requirements please refer to the Club and Provider's Guide to Sporting School.

How Do I Register?

Clubs, providers and afterwards ALL their coaches who will deliver programs will have to register their details on the Sporting Schools website. After registering, those details will be placed on the Sporting Schools online web portal, which is where schools will go when they are looking to contact coaches to deliver gymnastics.

Registration has several steps. If you haven’t registered yet, please do so as soon as possible not to miss out schools contacting you. Alternatively, for those who have registered, please make sure you have completed the entire process as there are many steps that need to be completed.

What Can I Deliver?

LaunchPad Gymnastics Program;
Minimum of 4 sessions per child;
Duration 45-60 minutes per class (either before, during or after-school);
Schools to receive a 'Gymnastics Kit' containing Lesson Plans, online access to the Lesson Plan Builder and poster; and
Students to receive a promotional flyer and a gift.
If schools would like more than 4 sessions delivered, they will need to ensure they have funding to support a subsequent 4 session block for either the same children, or new ones. If not, they can look to pay for more sessions outside of government funding.

What Can I Charge?

Like under AASC, there will be limits to how much clubs and providers can charge schools. GA have created a Sporting Schools pricing model for clubs and providers are to use.

This funding model is only relevant to the Sporting Schools gymnastics program and different to any programs that are currently being delivered to school groups. If you are already delivering in schools, we encourage you to continue to deliver gymnastics programs at your chosen price-point.


For more information please contact Gymnastics Australia  Sporting Schools on [email protected] or 03 8698 9728.