Do your coaches, judges and volunteers get regular training advice and support on keeping children safe?

Work out strategies that are quick and easy for you to remind your coaches, judges and volunteers and safety issues. These may include regular information emails and newsletters; “Toolbox Talks” information at the beginning of each day; Tip of the day on a notice board;
Use the Managers Message for ideas

Where is your venue’s emergency evacuation point? Is there one?

Congratulations If you found it. It is green. If you couldn’t find it then talk to your facility management about getting it installed.  
Are your Evacuation plans up to date?  When did you last have an evacuation drill?
Do your coaches know what to do? Do your parents know what to do?
How do you know if all the children are accounted for?    

All of these questions are essential in running a safe environment for your staff and gymnasts. 

Who is your MPIO?

Each club should have a person who is their member protection Information officer. The MPIO should be known by club members and have a reasonable level of access by club members. Note Gymnastics Australia changed the guidelines as who should be MPIO.
For more information download  the MPIO information sheet

Remember: All MPIO's  have to complete both the online and face-to-face training.

When did you last complete a safety inspection of the gym?

The perfect answer is - 10 minutes before the last lesson or 10 minutes before every session. You should keep records  of inspections . All unsafe equipment should be removed immediately or failing that, it must be obviously marked so gymnasts, coaches and others are not injured by it. “She’ll be right” is not an appropriate response. 
For those using the Gymnastics NSW WHS Simple Safety APP, a comprehensive maintenance check is recommended monthly.

Do you know where the incident/accident forms for your club are stored?

Blank Incident/Accident record forms need to be accessible to coaches, judges and volunteers at all times.  It is good practise to complete these as soon after the class as possible. 
Points to remember:
   - Record dates and times
   - Get statements from witnesses – both gymnasts and spectators
   - Use a diagram or phone picture to show the situation
   - Record what actions you took
   - Record monitoring and follow up – 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, next day 
   - Note medical treatment- ambulance/hospital  & time of call  
   - Sign

Club administrators – injury  report forms should be kept for a minimum of 12 years according to the Schedule of Limitations and for children until they reach 18 years of age.

How long would it take to find the Working with Children Check (WCC) details of all your coaches, judges and volunteers? 

If you cannot find your WWCC details in the time it takes to boot up your computer and open your record file then you may need to consider a more efficient way of storing your records. Click here to download an example. 

Remember it is the club responsibility to ensure all coaches, judges and volunteers have a WWC check. It is illegal to use or employ coaches, judges and volunteers in your club without a verified Working With Children Check after 31 March 2016.