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Risk Management

What is Risk Management? –
Risk Management is all about making our sport safe. It seeks to address potential problems before they occur.
Why do clubs need to manage risk? –
Risks are inherent in sport. A club can never avoid ALL accidents, injuries or losses. While not all risks lead to legal action, the law does expect a Club to ensure a safe environment for all.
A club must be able to provide evidence that this has been achieved and/or was the sole intention.
Potential benefits to clubs who implement effective risk management procedures include:
·a safer environment for all members and staff;
·improved compliance with the law;
·more effective allocation of resources;
·a greater ability to meet members needs;
·improved communication;
·more effective management of assets, events and activities;
·enhanced image and reputation.
When do clubs need to manage risk? –
Risk Management is an ongoing process applied to all aspects of your clubs operations. Risks should be managed ALL THE TIME. Any new project, event or activity should have a risk assessment completed.
How can clubs manage risk? –
If all risks are well managed, Risk Management must be integrated into the culture of the club and evident in all areas.
To ensure this is achieved a number of tool kits and resources are available for your club:
  • Risk Management Policy
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Register.
For your club to access the above resources or if you would like a club meeting regarding Risk Management please contact:
Gymnastics Australia Gymsports