Child Safe Standard 1
Child Safe Standard 5: People Working with Children are suitable and Supported
Gymnastics NSW recruitment, selection and screening emphasises child safety. Robust recruitment procedures and supervision practices providea foundation to help keep children and young people safe from harm. 
Guiding Principles and Key Behaviours

Child Safe Standard 5:
 People working with children are suitable and supported.
Article 3.3 of the United Nations Rights of the Child: Children should feel confident and the standards established in an organisation, particularly in areas of safety, health, number and suitability of staff, and supervision. 
Key Behaviours: Gymnastics NSW expects that the recruitment does not rely only on the Working with Children Check and supports ongoing training opportunities for all staff and clubs. Gymnastics NSW encourages that all club recruitment processes include child safe questioning to establish suitability and that background checks are conducted and verified regularly.  All positions should receive an appropriate child safe induction and are aware of their child safe responsibilities and reporting obligations. 

What we expect to hear children say: 
"I feel safe with adults here"
"Adults show concern for me." 
"I'm asked about what kind of staff the organisation should have in it"
"I trust adults here to talk about things that upset me"
"All the adults tell us the same things about how we should behave and how they should behave."
Ongoing Commitment

Gymnastics NSW ensures that people working with children are suitable and supported through:
  1. Recruitment - In addition to providing clubs with resources and support regarding appropriate recruitment practices through HR Plus and the Gymnastics NSW club Business Hub , Gymnastics NSW verifies coach and official working with children checks through the Office of the Children’s Guardian
  2. Resources – Complimenting the existing education framework and courses, Gymnastics NSW introduced a coach induction program in 2014  which covers areas such as child protection, effective communication, complaint handling and WHS. Gymnastics NSW also provides a range of support for clubs and coaches through its development and compliance teams. Further training is available upon request. Contact [email protected]
  3. Resources – Recognising that many young people within the sport transition to become a coach, Gymnastics NSW has developed targeted resources that assist members turning 18 to ensure that they are familiar with the new expectations placed upon them as an adult holding a position of power. 
  4. Resources – Gymnastics NSW was the first gymnastics state in Australia to employ a dedicated Child Safe Compliance Officer in 2015. Now known as the Compliance Manager the position works with government, clubs and statutory bodies to advocate, educate, regulate, promote and enforce child safe behaviours. The Compliance Manager is available to assist clubs with queries, education and training.
  5. Reskill – Coaches are required to reskill in Child Safety and Wellbeing modules on an annual basis as a requirement to renew Technical Membership.

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