Acrobatic Gymnastics combines a number of gymnastics elements and skills into a fun, team-based environment, providing a great platform for building balance, co-ordination, strength and teamwork. Acrobatic Gymnastics is open to both males and females and combines thrilling skills and with artistic dance routines.



Acrobatics Gymnastics consists of five different categories:

Mixed Pair                (MX)     One male and one female (In level four and above, the base must be male).
Men's Pair                (M2)     Two males.
Women's Pair           (W2)    Two females.
Women's Group       (W3)     Three females.
Men's Group            (M4)     Four Males.

There are three different routines competed in Acrobatics Gymnastics.

The balance routines consists of skills requiring static holds and pyramids. Groups in all levels perform a balance routine at competitions.

The dynamic routine consists of skills that show flight, demonstrating a variety of throws, catches somersaults and twists. Groups in all levels perform a dynamic routine at competitions.

The combined routine consists of a combination of both balance and dynamic elements. Only groups in National Stream Level 8 and above and International Stream 12-18, 13-19 & Senior perform a combined routine as competitions.



National Stream
The Acrobatic Gymnastics National Stream consists of Level 1-10 and uses the rules and guidelines set out in the Australian Levels Program. Groups competing in the National Stream may compete in club and state based events. Groups in Level 6 and above are also eligible to compete at National Championships.

International Stream
The Acrobatics Gymnastics International Stream consists of four different age categories-

11-16     -      Groups competing in 11-16 must be aged between 11 and 16 in the year of the next World Age Group Competition (held in even years).
12-18     -      Groups competing in 12-18 must be aged between 12 and 18 in the year of the next World Age Group Competition (held in even years).
13-19     -      Groups competing in 13-19 must be aged between 13 and 19 in the year of the next World Age Group Competition (held in even years).
Senior   -      Groups competing in Senior must be atleast 15 years old in the year of the next World Championships (held in even years).


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