About Women's Gymnastics



Women’s Gymnastics is a fun and challenging sport where girls are able to build their co-ordination and confidence to an advanced level.
Built around performing four apparatus, the sport allows for participants to provide creative input into their routines, where strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness all contribute towards a gymnast’s self-confidence.


Vault (VT)
Vaulting shows off the gymnasts athletic qualities, with a run up of about 25m preceding the vault movement, where clean movements, height, length and a controlled landing all key. The apparatus involves the completion of two vaults, where strength in the take-off and aerial awareness key elements. 

Uneven Bars (UB)
Swinging movements are a continuous and prominent element on the uneven bars, where movement in both directions, above and below the bars are a requirement. Much of the apparatus’ essential skills are in the release and re-grasp movements where aerial awareness and strength are put to the test. 

Balance Beam (BB)
A beam routine combines a number of acrobatic elements, including leaps, jumps, turns and other gymnastics movements. With each move performed across the 10cm wide beam, balance is an essential whilst gymnasts demonstrate elegance, flexibility and confidence.

Floor Exercise (FX)
A gymnast’s floor routine is performed to a piece of music to enhance, where dance movements are combined with tumbling and acrobatics elements. The gymnast is required to use the whole floor area in expressing their individuality, originality and artistry, where creative input is a fun, yet important factor.


National Program
The Australian wide levels system where the more serious gymnasts develop from a young age right up to their teen years. Gymnasts focus is more towards the competition, where many gymnasts will have goals of one day earning state or national representation. National Stream levels go from Levels 1 to 10, with levels 5 seeing a State Champions crowned each year.

International Program
Where gymnasts have shown advanced talent and / or promise, they may enter the international stream. The purpose of the stream is to nurture a gymnast's talent with the goal that they will develop into a quality international representative in the future.


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