Commonwealth Games experience inspires Isabella Wang to dream big

When rhythmic gymnast Isabella Wang was chosen as a reserve athlete for the Commonwealth Games, she felt honoured and delighted.

The decision meant the 16-year-old would get to travel overseas with the official team and experience the excitement surrounding the event.

“It seemed almost impossible in the beginning of the year, so to achieve this spot was a really big surprise,” she said. “It has been such an eye-opening experience travelling and training with older and more experienced gymnasts. I’m so grateful for the girls making me feel comfortable but also for inspiring me.”


Being exposed to different training styles of other countries was a huge highlight for the gymnast, who trains at Le Ray Gymnastics. Wang travelled to Bremen, Germany for three weeks, where she stayed with the team as they prepared for the Games.

“I’ve also learnt a lot about myself and connections with fellow teammates,” she said. “We used this time to bond and work together so we can achieve bigger goals.”


In Birmingham, UK, the gymnast stayed at a hotel near the village and got to experience the hype leading up to the event.

Overall, the adventure has been an incredible motivator.

“As I got to experience all the behind the scenes of the Comm Games and the preparation put in by other elite athletes, it really inspired and motivated me for trainings towards future competitions and hopefully the 2026 Commonwealth Games,” she said.