Child Safe Standard 1
Child Safe Standard 9: Implementation of the Child safe Standards are continuously reviewed and improved
Gymnastics NSW believes being a child safe organisation is an evolving process that requires ongoing effort to maintain safe environments and keep children safe. We seek specialist external agency to undertake independent review where complaints involve sexual abuse. 

Gymnastics NSW has established member informed working groups that meet regularly to review our child safe practices including but not limited to the Safe Travel & Chaperone Working Group, Technical Committees and Regional Committees. 

Guiding Principles and Key Behaviours

Child Safe Standard 9: 
 Implementation of the Child Safe Standards are continuously reviewed and improved. 

Key Behaviours: Gymnastics NSW undertake reviews of complaints to identify root causes of abuse including examining the underlying factors that have led to a child being abused or mistreated and to improve child safe wellbeing practices. We regularly review our policies and participate in annual surveys wth members and staff. We seek participation of children and young people to create organisational culture of ongoing learning improvement. 

What we expect to hear children say: 
"Staff regularly ask my opinion."
"Staff ask my opinion if something unusual happens."
"Activities keep getting better."

Ongoing Commitment

Gymnastics NSW is committed to continually improving our child safe practices and listening to what matters most to our children and young people. We reply on feedback from our membership to influence our practices and access data from records to assess effectiveness of practices and identify areas of risk. 

We achieve this through:

  1. Policy   Gymnastics NSW  Improvement and Risk Management Framework reflect principles of International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) 3001 & ISO 9001. 
  2. Policy The Gymnastics NSW Organisational Culture Policies, including Inclusion and Equity, Integrity and Ethics, Membership Satisfaction Policy, Sustainable Engagement Policy & Quality Policy establish framework within which Gymnastics NSW listens to members and continually reviews programs and resources. View our Policies
  3. Practice  Child Safety has been a standing agenda item at Board Meetings since 2011. Gymnastics NSW encourages all affiliated clubs to ensure they adopt a Child Safety and Wellbeing standing item on all meeting agendas. 
  4. Participation  Gymnastics NSW  distributes and promotes annual surveys to membership seeking feedback on relevant policies, procedures and member services. 
  5. Programs  The Gymnastics NSW Youth leadership Program and Youth Leadership camp provides an opportunity for children and young people to have a voice and to learn Leadership and life skills. 
  6. Partnership between Gymnastics NSW & Office of Children Guardian (OCG)  ensures Gymnastics NSW is continually improving and working toward best outcomes for children and young people in line with National Child Safe Principles including a voluntary review of Gymnastics NSW Child Safe Practices by the OCG in 2019. Gymnastics also works closely with YMCA Child Protection Unit for independent reviews of child safe practices.
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