Presenters and Assessors

Gymnastics NSW have a pool of expert Presenters and Assessors who are vital to the success of coach and judge accreditation courses. All Presenters and Assessors undergo detailed training and receive ongoing support to ensure they are well equipped to deliver inspiring and quality training. 

Presenters are responsible for ensuring a consistent message is delivered nationwide to budding coaches and judges. Assessors will determine if the coach/judge is competent to receive their accreditation.
As Technical membership numbers continus to grow in NSW, we are constantly looking to grow our presenter pool to accomodate for the influx of coaches and judges throughout the regions. 
Presenters are usually identified by Gymsport communities or their commitee, however GNSW also consider candiates who express a personal interest. Candidates should be comfortable presenting to groups and should hold an Advanced gymnastics accreditation in their chosen Gymsport .

How do I become a presenter? 

There are three ways you can become a GNSW Presenter & Assessor:
1. If you're a qualified and current primary or secondary school teacher (eligible for registration as a teacher within Australia)  you will be exempt from doing any formalised courses. All you need to do is provide us with a copy of your degree.
2. You can gain a TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, TAESS0001 Assessor Skill Set and TAESS00007 Enterprise Trainier - Presenting Skill Set externally. There are many providers like TAFE NSW, Online training Courses or the Australian Training Company fro example.
3. You can complete the GA Presenter and Assessor training course which consists of two online courses and a face to face course.

GA Presenter & Assessor courses are run ad hoc so to register your interest, please fill out an expression of interest form found HERE

I am a Presenter and Assessor

If you currently hold a Presenter and Assessor Accreditation, information on what to do to upgrade and how to maintain currency of your accreditation is provided in the Presenter and Assessor Policy