Meet Chris and Jess, GNSW’s first Body Kind ambassadors

Gymnastics NSW is proud to introduce our first ever Body Kind ambassadors – Special Olympics gymnast Chris Bunton and trampoline Olympian Jess Pickering.

As a partner of the Butterfly Foundation, and the first sporting organisation to engage the program, GNSW is committed to the wellbeing of all those involved in the sport to create a space where everybody feels welcome.

Gymnastics NSW Acting CEO Kait Carter says the Body Kind Ambassador announcement continues the momentum started in 2021, when the Body Kind Movement program was launched.

“Both Jess and Chris are champions on and off the competition floor,” she said. “Working alongside GNSW as ambassadors they will provide insights and experience to ensure that gymnastics continues to be a sport for everyone to enjoy.”

For Chris, gymnastics has been a way to realise his athletic potential in a sport that embraces his disability. 

“If you have a dream, a goal, and the opportunity arises, grab it with both hands and don’t let go,” he said, reflecting on his success within the sport.

Jess, who represented Australia in trampolining at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, said she’s looking forward to being part of the Body Kind movement. 

“I believe gymnastics is a place for everybody and I’m really excited by what’s to come,” she said.

The ambassadors will be an important part of the Body Kind conversation in the sport of gymnastics, with the Body Kind Movement program, launched last year, to continue during this year’s September campaign.

With ready-made resources and education available, the program is designed for clubs to start positive conversations and for families to utilise resources at home. The main goal is to encourage all young Australians to find ways to be kind to their bodies, fighting against any negative self-perceptions that can arise from a social-media heavy world.

As stated on Butterfly’s website, being Body Kind is how we nourish, nurture and move our bodies. It’s about the language we use out loud, online and in our heads – to ourselves and others.

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